Smoked Salmon Tours

Smoked Salmon Tours

Smoked Salmon Tours are now available at Star Outdoors Kenmare. Located on site at Star Outdoors is our sister company, Star Seafoods, specialists in producing  smoked salmon since 1974.

Star Seafoods Smokehouse

Come and visit our Smokehouse where you can see the entire process of producing this famous local product, from filleting and salting, to smoking, cutting and preservation.

We smoke salmon, mackerel and ‘kippers’.  All products are filleted by hand, dry cold smoked the traditional method which gives you fish products of the highest quality that can be found on the world market.

All our products are available to order by phone, online or by mail.  Because the transport for the first kg can be expensive , we encourage families and friends to buy in bulk so that the costs of transport can be reduced.  We can also meet requests from companies, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and christmas gifts. If you visit the smokehouse as part of a tour group you may place orders immediately after your visit and the salmon will be either ready to leave with you on the bus or it will be delivered to your hotel.

“As a tour guide with trafalgar tours I have the pleasure of taking americans, cannadians, australians and new zelandeers on a weekly tour, two nights of which we spend in the lovely town of Kenmare. We have each week taken the clients on a cruise on the Star of Kenmare where the scenery is spectacular and the local commentary excellent, followed by dinner in Con’s restaurant. Clients always ask “What do you recommend”, my reply is always the same, “Choose anything you like, as the food is excellent”. This evening has proved to be a very successful one, consistenthy week after week. Keep up the good work, it makes our job as guides so much easier when we have satisfied customers.”
Ann Hickey – Tour Guide – TRAFALGAR TOURS