Star of Kenmare Cruise trips

Star of Kenmare Cruise

Come on a memorable one hour cruise with us on The Star of Kenmare and explore the magical and tranquil waters of Kenmare Bay on Ireland’s premier seal-watching and eco-nature cruise. Enjoy the beauty of this famous coastline, her rich marine life and stunning scenery.

From the moment passengers step on board The Star of Kenmare they become the centre of attention. The boat’s interior is decorated to the highest standard with plush and comfortable seating, strategically placed on the lower deck offering the best possible vantage points for all passengers. On the inner deck passengers can avail of tea, coffee and snacks from the bar. During the course of the cruise passengers can move to the covered outer deck where the beauty of Kenmare Bay becomes apparent; the wildlife, uninhabited islands, mountain ranges and natural topography as it should be – all real and surrounding you.

Our guide with plenty of local knowledge will enlighten passengers during the cruise with some great stories and information on the resident wildlife and birds of the area. Seal watch Music can be provided on board and the boat can be chartered for private groups of up to 50 people.

What can passenger expect to see on board?

Eco-Nature Wildlife Safari

Kenmare Bay has probably the richest marine habitat in all of Western Europe. This can be seen by the diversity in animal and plant life to be found here. On our cruise we will regularly see a variety of birds, seals, dolphins and lots of foliage. The highlight of all cruises is a close up of Ireland’s largest and most spectacular grey seal colony which has its home on the rocks in the middle of Kenmare Bay. In season we can actually see mothers nursing their young and enjoying the sun. Sudden movements will disturb them so we need to be very still to enjoy the close encounter.

Did you know? There is a confirmed sustainable population in excess of 300 seals resident in Kenmare Bay – source Parks & Wildlife Survey 2010

Uninhabited Islands

We will also pass by several uninhabited Islands along the way and may see wild goats and horses on some of the islands as well as lots of bird life. Dinish Island was once home to a monastery where the ruins of a church are on the eastern side of the Island. The monks set traps between the island and the mainland to catch fish; they also had cattle and sheep on the island. In the background the majestic McGillycuddy Reeks Mountains can be seen to the north including Ireland’s highest mountain Carrantuohill.

Castles & Manors

We will also see some castles along the way, Dromore Castle, Cappanacush Castle, Dunkerron Castle and Dromquinna Manor, on the north coastline.

“As a tour guide I brought French bus tours this season to Con’s Restaurant, the choice of local seafood and specialties were fresh and delicious. After lunch, the groups went for a boat trip on Kenmare Bay to discover the various species of sea birds and to meet the friendly seals. We also visited the Smoked Salmon factory which the group really enjoyed. A wonderful experience enjoyed by my tours!”
Marie – Claire, Travel Choice