At Star Outdoors we believe in making the most of what we have. We’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, sparkling water and air so clean it makes for the bluest sky you’ve ever seen.

In addition to all that we also have a plethora of qualified instructors and rather than let them sit idly by, we’re putting them to work to give you the opportunity to try out new things, push yourself to the next level and discover a side of you that longs to be outdoors, revelling in the adventure.

We offer land and water based courses; if you have sea legs try our sailing courses, if you’re into paddle power, try kayaking and then there’s pedal power for land lovers who can try their hand (or should that be feet?!) at mountain biking. Check out our course pages and find something that fits with who you are.

* There is a possibility that photographs will be taken during the course for possible future use in publicity material – so make sure you’re wearing your best smile!