Kayaking Courses

Feel the paddle glide through the water as you manoeuvre your sea kayak around the waters of the Kenmare Bay. This course offers you the chance to gain a level 2 certificate, accredited by Canoeing Ireland, whilst being supervised by instructors who are not only fully qualified to teach you, but who are all passionate about this activity.

Here’s what’s involved in the course:

General aims
The Level 2 Kayak Skills Award aims to enable participants to:-
Kayak safely and competently on flat water and Grade I rivers as a member of a group being led.
Assist in basic rescues.

Types of Boats
Sea Kayaks for flat water kayaking

2 days – usually done over a weekend

By the end of this course you will be able to do the following:

Participant must successfully demonstrate the following techniques and skills:
– An understanding of the Basic Safety Rules of canoeing.
– An ability to Enter and Exit a kayak correctly.
– Forward Paddle, Reverse Paddle, and Stop.  
– An ability to turn while stationary using Forward Sweep Stroke, Reverse Sweep Stroke and a combination of Forward and Reverse Sweep Strokes.
– Simple Draw Stroke.
– Low Brace.
– Turning on the Move.
– Edging while the kayak is moving.
– Capsize Drill.
– An ability to assist in an Assisted X Rescue and/or an H Rescue.

The Level 2 Kayak Skills Assessment must take place outdoors on flat water (i.e. water of Grade I difficulty). No part of an assessment can be taken in a swimming pool. Your instructor will discuss the elements of the assessment with you during the course.

We’ll also give you advice on the purchase of equipment and how to join a club.