Wildlife Watching

Kenmare Bay has probably the richest marine habitat in all of Western Europe. This can be seen by the diversity in animal and plant life to be found here. Star of Kenmare Wildlife SeaSafari cruises invite you to explore the prolific wildlife of Kenmare Bay on the premier seal-watching and eco-nature boat trip in Kenmare.

On our trip we will regularly see a variety of birds, seals, dolphins and lots of foliage. The highlight of all tours is a close up of the grey seal colony which has its home on the rocks in the middle of Kenmare Bay. In season we can actually see mothers nursing their young and enjoying the sun. Sudden movements will disturb them so we need to be very still to enjoy the close encounter. There are upwards of two to three hundred seals in the whole of the Kenmare Bay.

We will also pass by several uninhabited Islands along the way and we can see wild goats and horses on some of these as well as lots of bird life. Dinish Island was once a home to a monastery where the ruins of a church are on the eastern side of the Island. The monks set traps between the island and the mainland to catch fish. They also had cattle and sheep on the island.

In the background the majestic McGillycuddy Reeks Mountains can be seen to the north including Ireland’s highest mountain Carrauntuohill. We will also see some castles along the way, again on the north coastline. Your guide will tell you about the rock formations, the ice age and other history of the area. Join us for this informative experience and you will want to come back for the scenery, fun and entertainment!

The Star of Kenmare Wildlife Seafari is a perfect way to enjoy an hour while visiting Kenmare. Great value boat trip and one you will not forget. Remember to bring a camera to capture the highlights while enjoying Kenmare finest boat tour.