This is an activity suitable for young and old.

Test your map reading skills. Sign up take the map and clues, off you go to solve the puzzle.
Can be done individually but much better crack done as a group.

Orienteering in Ireland is very popular with numerous clubs located throughout the country.

Orienteering requires navigational skills using a map or compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed.

Orienteering takes place in a number of outdoor places, from towns and parks to forests and open mountain. You get out into the countryside, often to places you wouldn’t otherwise visit.

It is an easy and painless way of staying fit or getting into shape. Your physical effort often goes almost unnoticed as you read your map and follow your route. For the good athlete and navigator there is the unique challenge of finding your way over complex and rough terrain whilst running at speed.

It really is an adventure sport for all ages and all abilities, from children under the age of ten to veterans of well over seventy! Orienteer with your friends and family and share your experiences afterwards.

Available as mini orienteering for beginners and for the more advanced a challenging mountain course through country lanes, mature woodlands and low lying hills. Designed to test the stamina of mind and body.

For the Irish Orienteer it is a great way to keep active and enjoy the great outdoors.