Canoeing-kayaking is probably the best ways to explore the shores of the Kenmare Bay with its rugged coastline and rich marine life.

Canoeing-kayaking is one of our most popular activities at Star Outdoors. We have a range of boats to suit all levels of ability and to ensure each person enjoys their experience.

There are several types of canoeing-kayaking available for hire at the centre;

  • Sea Kayaks – a small one-man boat with an enclosed cockpit which uses a double-sided paddle
  • Sit On Top Kayaks – The sit-on-top kayaks do not have an enclosed cockpit. They are ideal for beginners and young children. We have a variety of sizes of kayak including single, double and Quattro sit on top kayaks.
  • Canadian Canoes – 3 seat Canadian canoes are also available.

Every participant i canoeing-kayaking will be provided with a buoyancy aid and helmet. Instructors will talk you through how to use the boat before you leave the pier if required and give you advice on the best areas to paddle.

No previous experience is required for canoeing-kayaking in the immediate area in front of the centre. If you wish to take a longer trip to see the seal colony we do require prior experience and or a qualification.

Experience is required for hiring Canadian canoes as they are more difficult to steer and are also more likely to capsize due to its rounded shape.
For hire prices please see our full price list (link to prices page).